Thursday, May 28, 2009


I am truly blessed with a wonderful husband and 2 young children. I love watching my family change and grow in the ways that families do. While I miss baby-hood and am a bit sorrowful over the gradual change from toddler-hood to full blown kid-dom, I'm loving the new stage that we are working our way into. We have begun to fuel a new found passion for hiking. What a gorgeous world we live in!

I have a creative bone that doesn't allow me to stop. Whether I'm knitting, spinning, sewing, soaping, making candles or gardening, I hope to one day share my love of fabric and fiber and open a shop with both. I would like to start online and later have a quaint building. An old 1 or 2 room cottage or shack is what I envision.

My husband and I hope to one day own a small plot of land where we can again raise sheep (for the love of fiber!), goats, chicken and more rabbits. Yes, I currently have 3 angora rabbits. Wonderfully, soft, sweet angoras. We would love to see our children running around not limited to a small space. I would like to be able to expand our garden size.

As I get older, I am constantly amazed at the changes within myself and that I actually do care about the elasticity of my skin. Yep, I've reached the age in which I confide to my husband (and now the world) that I must moisturize. Eek! Join me along this journey of my life while I share the everyday happenings. From pictures and tales from the beach to the top of a mountain, to my beloved angoras, bright eyed children, the happenings of married life to my never ending list of projects.