Sunday, February 13, 2011

Girlies Weekend

This was my Bess with one of the triplets she bore that year.
Little Miss and I headed south Friday evening as soon as the Mister was home from work. Just me and my girl. The excitement of an evening with her (and her excitement of a hotel stay) and a morning shearing sheep filled us with glee. Farm Girl was very clear that she wanted to play Sorry on the hotel bed when we got in. Saturday morning she and I headed to the farm to watch the shearing. Being me, I left the camera in the truck. While the shearer was hired, I was all too happy to help keep track of tag numbers and climb fences to grab sheep and keep them where they were supposed to be. I proudly walked into Safeway with sheep crud, lanolin, and dirt on my pants. Being at the farm was inspiring and convicting. Watching Farm Girl do what she could on the sheep farm and witnessing her immediate help with chores was more than I had thought would happen and yet at the same time is exactly what I had hoped would happen. When we had begun or journey towards home, I asked her if a farm was still what she wanted. Her answer was a resounding "yes" and she specifically wants a sheep farm. She could do it. If ever there was a soul to join me on my quest for sheep, she's it.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Today was beautiful. No, not the kind of beautiful that allows for gardens like the picture above. It was the kind of beautiful that allows one to remember that winter is not forever. The kind of day that allows a body to get outside and begin to prep for the coming spring and summer. The kind of day that fosters dreams and aspirations. Big dreams are being dreamed up right here in Plum House (so dubbed by Farmgirl). Plans of dinner on the back patio graced with the heady scent of honeysuckle. A dinner that is created from a new kitchen garden off the patio. Last year we managed to create 4 large raised gardens, added 2 types of berries to our plot of land and a couple plum trees. Chickens also became part of our daily routine and have supplied us with countless eggs. This year will be no different. There are more trees to plant, more berry plants to nurse, new gardens to create and evenings filled with laughter while we sit and relax in the calm that comes from a hard day's work and dreams fulfilled.

*just because the little miss (aka farmgirl) has dubbed our home Plum house does not in anyway give us the idea that she is a dreamer, schemer and romantic at heart

Monday, February 7, 2011

That's my girl!

Who else but my daughter would be excited about a sea of a freshly washed fleece lying in front of the space heater? She is most definitely a farm girl/crafter in the making. So much so how will she and her Mamma spend a "girls" day together? Heading to a farm to watch the sheep shearing.