Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Today was beautiful. No, not the kind of beautiful that allows for gardens like the picture above. It was the kind of beautiful that allows one to remember that winter is not forever. The kind of day that allows a body to get outside and begin to prep for the coming spring and summer. The kind of day that fosters dreams and aspirations. Big dreams are being dreamed up right here in Plum House (so dubbed by Farmgirl). Plans of dinner on the back patio graced with the heady scent of honeysuckle. A dinner that is created from a new kitchen garden off the patio. Last year we managed to create 4 large raised gardens, added 2 types of berries to our plot of land and a couple plum trees. Chickens also became part of our daily routine and have supplied us with countless eggs. This year will be no different. There are more trees to plant, more berry plants to nurse, new gardens to create and evenings filled with laughter while we sit and relax in the calm that comes from a hard day's work and dreams fulfilled.

*just because the little miss (aka farmgirl) has dubbed our home Plum house does not in anyway give us the idea that she is a dreamer, schemer and romantic at heart

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