Friday, July 30, 2010

Cold, busy summer

I'll get back to posting properly (as if I ever have) soon. We've been keeping ourselves quite occupied. Summer is a time when not much crafting is done. I always find myself longing for the warmth of summer, the season of gardening and yet by August fall can't come quickly enough. I need the rainy days to use as an excuse to get some knitting, spinning, sewing or quilting in.
This summer has seen the beach on a few occasions, camping in the mountains on more than a few occasions, creating new strawberry beds since the chickens decided to decimate my once happy, healthy, lush strawberry bed, the creation of a new garden between our deck and fence line (20ish ft.), and last but certainly not least work on the front yard. The front is taking on a complete transformation. We now have 4 raised garden beds (12' x 4' each), thorn less blackberries planted along the fence and raspberries that I'm still nurturing in their pots. They were on clearance so I grabbed them. Now we're waiting to locate 4x4's in order to create support for them.
We (insert I at will) spent some time in limbo. The mister applied for and interviewed for 2 different positions in TN. In the end, we're staying here in WA and talking about (please, please, please) creating a plan of attack to wipe away the debt and have our home ready to put on the market in 3 years. At this point, trying to sell the house is not reasonable. While we bought our house under market value and while the housing in our city did not inflate drastically, our market has still suffered. We are one of the unfortunate Americans who now owe more for their home than what the home is worth. We were able to hold our heads about the market value line the first year after the crash but after that we were toast. :-(
Time to snuggle with a little Miss who seems to have a summer cold. Poor girl.