Friday, December 4, 2009


I know that I'm incredibly boring right now....okay so I have been for a long time. I have some stuff in the works and hope to be able to get back into the swing of things come the new year. Actually, the swing of things is changing. I'll be around off and on between now and then.

Monday, November 30, 2009

By George!!! A Mother could not have asked for a more pleasant morning. My kiddos woke up about 7am. My little man who has not preferred "school". The last couple weeks he seems to have blossomed and just seems to "get it". He's saying sounds and reading some of the basic words before his sis who is always asking for school. At any rate, this morning at 7am my little man was begging me to have school in the dark. No, not in the evening when he typically wants to wait until but right then and there! Oh Joy of Joys! Will this last? I can be hopeful can't I?

Friday, November 20, 2009

Our Thankful Tree

The kids and I are spending the week leading up to Thanksgiving talking about things we are thankful for. Today we began the tree and started with the letters 'a', 'm', and 's'. I'm using green backing for Em and tan for Jonathan.
I must ask you what self respecting tree would be without a 4 yr old boy being thankful for Marshmallows?

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

An afternoon view from my living room

Somewhere over the rainbow, skies are blue.
And the dreams that you dare to dream really do come true.

Some day Mr. Bell we will see our dream come to fruition. I love you with everything that I am. xoxoxo

Monday, November 9, 2009

Hot off the wheel

This is one of the things I'm working on. This was a super quick attempt (first time) at Navajo plying. Navajo plying has intrigued me because it takes the 1 strand of fiber that you've spun and turns it into a 3 ply. The other huge benefit of Navajo plying is that it uses exactly what is on your bobbin. When plying from multiple bobbins I tend to have remnants on 1 of the bobbins. I am so excited about how well this has turned out. I have another 3 ounces to spin and then ply before turning this into a hat and gloves for the littlest guy in my life.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Fall tea parties

The creativity of my 3 year old never fails to impress me. She decided she wanted her tea hot so this is what she came up with. And of course the baby needs warm fluids too. :-)
Even the dog is invited to the tea party. Ack! He enjoyed it though.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

My Ah Ha Moment

I wrote this yesterday and feel strongly about posting it here. Weight is an issue that I'm embarrassed to talk about but at the same time know that it is a huge problem not just with me but with so many other people. I want, hope to be of encouragement to someone else.

So last night I had the complete, "I'm done. I'm fed up with
myself. No matter what I choose to do I'm the one in control and I'm going
to be in control in a good way" moment. I swear I spend the weekends
binging. (eating out) Every week I decide I'm not going to do that
again. I don't think I've ever felt like I felt last night. Not even
when I weighed 260 pounds. I didn't realize at the time that I was that
big. I've just almost always been big. When I had to buy a size 24
pants after my little girl was born and then go stand beside a bride at a
wedding and be bar none the biggest person there, I decided to change and I
did. I got myself down to 179 pounds! 80 awesome pounds
gone!!! then I received a phone call during the night that my Grandmother
was gone. I loaded up a 1 1/2 and 2 1/2 years old and headed across the
country in a little neon. Just me and my babies. I stayed in WA for
a month and by the time I got back to TN I had gained 10 pounds! 10 pounds
in 1 month. Driving from TN to WA and then WA to CA and then back to WA
and finally back to TN definitely had its effects. I got back to TN in
August of '07. By February of '08 I was headed back to WA. This time
moving back here. when I moved back I still had the 10 pounds on me that I
had gained the previous summer. To shorten this story, I haven't been
completely content since moving back. I've been going back up on the
scale. I'll loose a few pounds and then gain back double what I
This last weekend was spent on another binge and Monday evening I was
laying on the couch feeling extremely weighed down and overall
uncomfortable. I realized that no, I'm not as heavy as I have been
(although very successfully on my way) but I've tasted the fruits of being
smaller on the scale, having some definition, of being stronger. I've
tasted the continual compliments. My husband doesn't tell me that my bum
is getting smaller anymore. I miss it. I'm tired of feeling to fat
for him to look at.

It's just time. It's time to stop whining and dreaming of what life
will be like when...and start living. No, I'm not thrilled with living in
the city with neighbors out my back door. Yes, I dream of having a small
spread of land again (2 acres would be nice...that's what we had before and
although I'd love more there is so much we can do on just 2). I dream of
my husband having a job that will allow him to be home with us all the time but
I will be thankful that he is employed and that we are comfortable.
Yes, I still long for TN and do hope to one day be back there for keeps but
that's not the path that's been laid out before us for now.
I have 2 little ones that are watching me. I have 2 little ones that I would love
to take out to explore the world but don't too often because of how uncomfortable
my pants are. I want to stop trying to drown my sorrows (as silly as they
are) with food.

I've been moving my body for the last few weeks but the eating hasn't
changed. I'll have a morning of being good or on plan (whatever that may
be) and then I'm done. I'm done with the weekend binging. My
ultimate goal is huge. Almost 70 pounds but you know what? It's not
as big as it once was. At one point it was 120 pounds. An entire
person! Yep, I've messed up. I was to a point of 50 pounds but you
know, I choose to believe that my mess ups are making me stronger. Soon
enough I'll kiss that 50 pound mark good bye. for now, I'll kiss each and
every single pound adios and celebrate me. Celebrate the small steps
along with the big ones. I'll celebrate each number, each minute spent
exercising, each mile, each crunch, lunge or dip. I'll celebrate the sore
muscles and I'll celebrate every meal I have the opportunity to make for
my family.
Yep, life shall be a celebration. My mind shall remain focused.
The goal has been laid out and I'm going for it.

I'll weigh in every Wednesday and then every other Friday. Wednesday for the purpose of recording and every other Friday for a mini goal challenge my husband and I make every pay period. Without further hesitation, I weighed in at 207 this morning. No more though. I'll not go above that number nor see it again on the scale.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Weekend fun...for some

Our weekend was full...starting Friday afternoon. The Mr. has been taking a couple days off from work for a couple weeks (hunting season) and Friday he came home from a cold wet hunt around lunch. We loaded up and headed to a favorite island to pick out pumpkins. Unfortunately we have had a few freezes here so most of the pumpkins were rotten.

By this point in time my dirt digging, worm loving little girly girl (she really is on both ends of the spectrum) was saying, "Mommy, I don't like this place. It's muddy." Yep, it was extremely muddy and when we got back to the truck I learned that her rubber boots were not keeping the cold mud out. Poor girl.

Saturday consisted of taking the kiddos to lunch with a girlfriend and then taking them to a movie.

Sunday was a day at church. The church we attend has Sunday school at 9:30, service at 10:30 and then the evening service is actually in the afternoon at 2. 2x a month we have lunch at the church and the rest of the weeks we can bring our own lunch or go to lunch. Yesterday we enjoyed company at Denny's.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Feeding the heart

I plan on starting a couple new studies/devotionals this week. Actually 3. One is of Hebrews with a Lady's Bible study at the new church we've been attending. The others are:

I, like so many others I suppose, feel so inadequate. I feel like a failure often in most areas of my life. The Ministry of Motherhood is one that I've had on my wish list for a long while. I love my kiddos. I really do. Although they are still so young, I am afraid of failing them. I'm afraid of not truly instilling a love for our Almighty God in them. I don't want them to just follow in Jeff and my footsteps. I want them to have a thirst, a hunger within themselves.

The second study, Living Beyond Yourself is 2nd study for a separate lady's class at church. at being an example. I sometimes beat myself up because the characteristics which are displayed in the example of the Fruits of the Spirit are something that I long for and yet feel I lack. I'm hoping to reconnect and begin to work on these characteristics...these traits.

A major part/benefit of these studies is that they will force me to get away from this computer during "free time". I really don't have free time or feel as though I shouldn't. The computer has always been a struggle of mine.

With that said, it's time to log off.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


It is chilly this morning! Brrr! So glad someone is delivering wood tonight. Gosh this last week has been a blur. On Wednesday my Dad was taken to the hospital in a coma and had had a stroke. The doctors believe that he was having seizures for up to 36 hours. By Thursday the news was completely grim and we were having to face the talk that no one wants to face. A decision needed to be made as to when to take him off of life support. There was no belief that he was going to come out of the comma and if he did the neurologist believed he would be in a vegetative state. On Saturday it was decided that he would be taken off of the support on Monday or Tuesday. By the time we reached the hospital on Sunday my Dad was awake. Awake and talking a little. He remembered me and the rest of the family. He has completely defied the odds. I talked with him over the phone a couple times yesterday and he sounds better and better. Needless to say, he is not out of the woods and no matter what happens I am thankful that I was given a little time with him to tell him I love him.

On another note, I finished a quilt. It was gifted and by the time I finished it Saturday evening it was dark so there are no wow photos of it. The pattern is called Grannies Lap Jam.
Last but not least I'll leave you with a photo taken this morning of some of Sonoma's babies. Today they are 26 days old.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


The first real rain of the season has finally come. It's beautiful. I know that in 8 months from now when I'm sick of it I'll be complaining with everyone else but for a moment I want to relish it. It's cool, windy, wet. Everything that beckons a fire. It also is the start of the season of dirty, cluttered floors. I'm thinking I need more rugs to cover the wood.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Lady Emmaline

Em decided that she didn't want a rabbit that was leaving our home to have her name sake. When I showed her the rabbit I plan on keeping she decided she would be Emma. I'm not set on Emma but I decided to humor my little miss and have gone along with Lady Emmaline a.k.a Emma. May I present Lady Emmaline:

Weekend catch up

It's done and off of my wheel! Roughly 430 yds of yumminess! This is destined to either be a cowl and fingerless gloves, a hat and fingerless gloves or a scarf. It is so scrumptiously soft that I really want it around my neck. I'm searching through patterns in hopes of finding something that beckons to be made with this bit of loveliness.

I also wanted to post some updated pictures on the babies. They are changing so much! The first picture is of a blue (he's starting to get some ticking so I'll be watching that) German hybrid buck and a chinchilla German hybrid doe. I believe I'll be selling both of these guys. I would love to keep the buck because of his color but I have limited space. My little girl is quite smitten with the chinchilla and has dubbed her "Emma".

chinchilla doe is on the bottom with the blue buck being on top

The next picture is of the lilac doe that I plan on keeping. She has some ticking coming through and is becoming more and more lovely. The other bun is "Emma". Emma was the runt and is on the smaller side but is ever so sweet and will make a lovely pet/wooler for someone. The buns that have been pictured above are all 55 1/2% German with the remaining being divided between French and Giant. Their Dad is massive. He is chinchilla (color) with fiber that is very dense and ever so lush. Their mother has taken on the size of a French with incredibly soft fiber. She has lynx, red, chocolate, fawn and black in her lines. This is her first litter and all 5 of the kits she gave me were different. The other 2 were chocolate and rew.

Sonoma's litter is growing and changing ever so quickly too. They are 19 days today and developing all different personalities. She has given me 3 blacks (1 with a small white blaze), 3 chestnuts and a rew. Most of them will be for sale also. They are 50% Giant, 25% French and 25% German. I'll be watching them with hopes of showing a couple as a French in ARBA shows next year. The does sire won at Nationals a few years back and she has the same body as her Dad. I'm hoping some of these babes end up with the same body type...just a little larger.

chestnut agouti from Sonoma

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The billionth first day of the rest of my life

Yep. I really don't know how many times I've said it and how many times I've attempted it but today has to be it. Today must be the start of new, healthy habits. I must remember what produce is. I must begin to enjoy said produce. I have been on a train wreck of a binge lately. I don't know why. All I've wanted is stuff that's not good for me. The sad thing is that when I've eaten healthfully in the past and lost the initial weight I enjoyed it. So many yummy foods! I don't know why I quit. I'm up about 25 from my lowest on my weight loss journey. So, while I don't want this to be just another weight loss blog, weight loss is a part of my life...or it should be and will be once again.

My method of loosing the weight? I choose South Beach. I know, I know. I can hear it now. "It's so restrictive." It is very restrictive during the first 2 weeks. No sweets, no fruit, no grains, no sweet veggies. I need it though. I need to purge the desire for sugar from my body. Yes, fruits and even grains do trigger it for me. Grains are the worst culprit. I know I need them and I'll have them but not until the 21st or so.

To add to the whole change how I eat thing, I joined some of the gals in an endeavour to run a 5k in a mere month. I used to be able to do it. I had myself up to 5 miles in 60 minutes. Now...not so much.

So, here's to weighing a little less next Wednesday.

Monday, October 5, 2009

My current favorites

And just because he's cute snuggled up in the very back:

Thursday, October 1, 2009

I'm obsessed

Okay, so I know I'm seriously over doing the rabbit thing right now but this is my journal eh? How can I not overly indulge in them right now? They are so spitting cute. None of them have their eyes open yet. That should be happening for Sonoma's kits on or around Saturday and Truly's kits on or around Monday.
Sonoma's 7. I believe there are 3 chestnuts (possibly agouti) 3 black (one with a blaze) and a REW (ruby eyed white)
2 of Truly's 3. I believe the darker is a Blue and I'm waiting to hear back on the lighter. I'm thinking he/she is blue steel or lilac steel. I am really hopeful for these guys. I'm mostly hoping that a) they are girls b) they have great body type and c) they have incredible fiber. These guys are 55.5% German and if they are what I'm envisioning them to be I'd like to work with them and increase the German or work with the 22.25% French in them and bring back the French in the line. If I bring back the French then I can hope to show their line one day. such luck. I wish beyond wish that ARBA recognized the Germans and I wish beyond wish that it would be colored Germans. I suppose it's time to start digging around ARBA's sight and see if there is anything going on to support my desires.

On the wheel

OFFF was a blast this weekend and I came home with a new to me roving that consists of superwash merino, cashmere and nylon. I have never spun with cashmere or nylon so this has provided some getting used to. The roving is very decedent. Oh so soft!

Stats: Dragonfibers

Fiber: superwash merino, cashmere and nylon 80/10/10

weight: 4 oz

colorway: Rosehip

Emma is great to talk to and overall just great even if she is allergic to my angoras. :-) Poor, poor Emma.

*I know that my bobbin and spinning wheel in general is not set up correctly. Yep. It seems to be the only way I can spin. One day I'll have patience (maybe) to practice the correct way.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Whatever you are doing, work at it with enthusiasm, as to the Lord and not for people.

Colossians 3:23

Like a Flash

Oh my! The kits are changing so quickly!
In this picture they are 6 days old and the grey is darkening to black. Sonoma has been a perfect first time mother to boot. My other doe, Truly, has had a time of it. She is proving her own though. The poor girl. I have a lot to learn about rabbits. The first item on the list is that just because you don't think a breeding took, expect kits (babies). I took the young gal with me to OFFF with me which proved to be a huge mistake (although if I left her home my husband would have not had any idea what to do). Friday night she began to frantically nest and Saturday morning she delivered 5 kits. In the small traveling cage. 3 have survived. I thought I'd loose them all.
Isn't this little guy so cute! He's one of Truly's and if this silkiness means anything, his/her fiber will be just as lovely as his parents. I'm still in the deciding phase of where I want to go with my little cottage endeavor. After spending the weekend in the rabbit barn I really want to show rabbits. The problem is this: my guys are all mixed. ARBA only recognizes English, Satin, French of Giant angoras. I really love the Germans (colored...unrecognizable by IAGARB). I do like the clean furnishings of the French too. So, I'm thinking I need to obtain 1 or 2 French does and 1 French buck. I'd like to keep Pops to incorporate his incredible qualities. I had planned to sell him but when an IAGARB judge is impressed and strongly encourages me to keep a rabbit, I listen. What to do? I guess I'll just have to love on these little guys until they make their ways to new homes.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

First Litter

These seven naked wiggling bundles are a first for me. They are giant x French angoras. They all seem healthy and look perfect. Let's hope all stays that way. In 10 days I should be able to know what color they will end up being. There is only 1 light pink (in the right corner) and that one is a pretty safe bet White. The others...only time will tell.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Dog Days of Summer

Ugh! It's 91 at 4 in the afternoon. I know that 91 is pleasant for some but not for this native Washingtonian. I'm seriously ready for rain. Lots and lots of rain. I'm ready for apple cider, pumpkin patches, a roaring fire in the fireplace and sweaters. I can barely allow myself to think about such things when it's this warm. If I could only bring myself to start up the sewing machine and work on the pinwheel quilt top that I've been messing with here and there. There is also fall jumpers and shirts to make. It's just too warm.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Never Forget

I will never forget where I was, the fear nor the tears on 9/11. I will forever have the utmost respect for those who have served and are serving.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

What's a mother to do

When her 3 year old continually insists that she (the said mother) needs to knit her (the 3 year old) socks and a pair of gloves. That 3 year old also likes to show her mother with her hands exactly how it's supposed to be knit.

I suppose I'm going to put down some projects and knit my baby what she requests.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Sometimes ya gotta get away

Like we haven't been gone enough??? The Mister headed out today for meetings at Shasta Lake and I decided the kids and I needed to get away too. We loaded up and ended found ourselves at the coast. The water was surprisingly warm for the Northwest.
This was Max's first visit to the beach. He's a dogs dog. Loves to go anywhere and everywhere with us...his best friend...not so much.
A 3 year old girl's version of a sand castle.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Monkeying around

I must be the last or one of the very last person(s) in the sock knitting world to knit the Monkey Sock. While the pattern is easy to memorize and the sock is overall pleasing to the eye, I dislike using size 2 knitting needles. Yes, it makes for a quick knit but the fabric tends to be too loose for my liking. I'd much prefer to knit these on a 1. Geegee saw the first finished sock and fell in love with the stitch pattern and the color so these will be added to her drawer.

In other news, the mister and I have 4 weeks to the day before our big hike to the summit of Mt. Saint Helen's. It truly is time to quit monkeying around and get serious. The hike consists of a 4500ft elevation gain over 4.5 miles (3400 of it during the last 2 1/4 miles). We have been diligently Shredding and getting extra cardio in on the treadmill but I know it's not enough. I really must watch what I put in my mouth. I'm feeling horribly munchy lately. It wouldn't be so back if I kept going outside and munching on fresh sugar peas or strawberries but marshmallows will do me nothing more than leave me looking like one.

It's time to hunker down with a movie and the socks I'm working on for The Mister. They were meant to be a surprise for him but I currently have a 3 year old that absolutely can not keep a secret. Every single thing that happens in this house gets recounted to Dad at the end of the day. How long before she grows out of this?

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Where oh where have I gone?

Yeah, so I had hoped to be back here Monday with pictures of wonderfulness that had been completed over the weekend. Um...didn't happen. My "take it easy while knitting and sewing" weekend was something I only dreamed about. In actuality I decided that I really needed to work outside (and in). You know what I'm talking about. Over the last week if I haven't been outside or in taking care of chores, having school with the kids, eating or exercising I've been dealing with this mess:

450 yards of knots. I must get a yarn umbrella. You'd think I had one by now. What with spinning and knitting but nope. I don't want to spend the $$. The Mister had a good laugh over this one. He says it's the most expensive yarn I've ever bought and after the HOURS (we are talking days people) spent untangling this mess he is right. Oh well. It's all untangled with not an inch lost. Now it's time to get some sewing and knitting done. We're headed out camping this weekend so sewing won't happen but camping is prime for knitting.

In other news we are expecting a slew of strawberries this year.

What started as 20 plants last year has turned into an amount that I'm not going to count. The bed on the east side of our house is completely packed with them. God truly has blessed us with the multiplication of these plants.!

With all this being said, I'll be back next week. We're heading for camp tomorrow evening and I have a ton of things to do between now and then. Have a great weekend.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Quiet Weekend

Lovelies from the back yard

I would love to say that the roses are from the garden but alas, I have no garden. The people who lived here before us didn't have much of a green thumb which has left the last year being spent trying to fix up what they had done. They did however plant 2 climbing rose bushes in a forgotten corner of the back yard and today, the little Miss and I are thankful for these rosebushes. They smell heavenly. I don't know why but the smell of fresh roses always reminds me of raspberries. Maybe it's because my Grandmother had her roses planted fairly closely to the raspberry "patch".

The weather has cooled down quite a bit. It has been overcast with heavy rain occasionally. I, for one, welcome the cool weather. This weekend my Mister is attending a funeral which is about 3 hrs from us. This leaves the kids and I home to fend for ourselves. I've attempted (really it has only been an attempt) to entertain ideas of taking the kids hiking or going to the beach or... I can't seem to do it. We've been gone every weekend for several weekends and this weekend I just want to stay home and relax. If you could see my house now you'd know that's about all I've done this week. The house is very tidy but very dusty. I need to give the walls and molding a good wash down. Really it's the deep cleaning that I haven't kept up on. Oh well. I have a lot of knitting to show for it. I plan on spending the weekend continuing in the sewing/knitting groove because next week it must come to an end. I have a little one who asked me yesterday if it was school time. We were doing well at school until a 'J' got sick and then it's been down hill from there. How can I deny a little girls request for school? When I told her we'd start back up next week I was greeted with shouts of joy and a big hug. Note to self: get you're head wrapped around this book.

Have a wonderful weekend. I'll be back Monday and will hopefully have some pictures of FO's to show.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Dear Mister,

I don't know if you are reading this blog (I know, I know) but I do want to say Thanks for all of your encouragement, support (in every way possible...including my many spur of the moment crazy hair brain ideas), your love and your generosity. You sacrifice so much of your desires for those of the kids and mine. I love you with all of my heart and am thankful each and every day that God created a life for you and I together. You (and those goobers of ours) are my world.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


This morning the weather is incredibly pleasant. For quite a while the weather has been in the upper 70's or 80+. More of the latter. Today it is still supposed to reach 80 but for the moment, if only for a moment, the weather is cool and with an occasional sprinkle. It's nice to have the windows open and feel a breeze coming through.

A peaceful place found in the Smokies by the Mister and I during our honeymoon. We've never been able to find it again.

Monday, June 1, 2009

A recently planted hydrangea. My first and am I ever in love.

Life seems to be staying steadily busy around these parts. Here in the northwest, spring/summer has finally seemed to make is appearance. Not a "Hi, you want a tease?" but rather a "My have I missed you sun lovers in WA. I believe it's time I spent some quality time with you." We, needless to say, have been soaking in the warmth.

I thought I'd share some pictures of current works in progress and yummy yarn that I picked up on Friday. First I have a picture of the current quilt I'm working on. This is "Granny's Jam Lap Quilt" from Laps From Fats . It's a simple quilt and so far I'm enjoying piecing it together.
Look at this yarn. It is so yummy. Soft and squishy. I do think the color is wrong though. ;-) While it is called Wild Cherry I believe it should be Sugar Pea. Don't the bonnets (sugar pea flowers) perfectly match the yarn?

This burst of sunshine is new to me yarn. This is Pagewood Farm Yukon and consists of merino, bamboo and nylon. I have never worked with yarn that contains bamboo and honestly it is one of the big attractions for me. Of course the bright yellows lend a hand.
Lastly, I leave you with a picture of a sock waiting on his mate. This is School Sock from Anne Hanson. I heart Anne's socks! I heart Anne. She has so many wonderful designs (not limited to socks) and is wonderful to work with when you have a question. The heel has been turned on the second sock so soon (hopefully) my husband will have a new pair of socks and I can finally begin a pair for myself. I'm still at a loss as to which yarn I'll begin with...yellow, wild cherry, yellow, wild cherry.
Oh yeah, the count down has begun. In August I will be loading the kids up and taking a cross country trip back home. I love driving cross country. Prefer it to flying. My husband on the other hand dislikes the time spent in the car. Too much time wasted...he enjoys the sights but also enjoys the extra time spent somewhere. The kids and I have a week scheduled in a rustic cabin. I do believe there will be evenings spent in the screened porch sipping sweet tea, and watching the lightening bugs (I hope there will still be some around...August is a bit too warm for a good show) while knitting and/or spinning.