Thursday, October 1, 2009

I'm obsessed

Okay, so I know I'm seriously over doing the rabbit thing right now but this is my journal eh? How can I not overly indulge in them right now? They are so spitting cute. None of them have their eyes open yet. That should be happening for Sonoma's kits on or around Saturday and Truly's kits on or around Monday.
Sonoma's 7. I believe there are 3 chestnuts (possibly agouti) 3 black (one with a blaze) and a REW (ruby eyed white)
2 of Truly's 3. I believe the darker is a Blue and I'm waiting to hear back on the lighter. I'm thinking he/she is blue steel or lilac steel. I am really hopeful for these guys. I'm mostly hoping that a) they are girls b) they have great body type and c) they have incredible fiber. These guys are 55.5% German and if they are what I'm envisioning them to be I'd like to work with them and increase the German or work with the 22.25% French in them and bring back the French in the line. If I bring back the French then I can hope to show their line one day. such luck. I wish beyond wish that ARBA recognized the Germans and I wish beyond wish that it would be colored Germans. I suppose it's time to start digging around ARBA's sight and see if there is anything going on to support my desires.

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