Monday, October 12, 2009

Weekend catch up

It's done and off of my wheel! Roughly 430 yds of yumminess! This is destined to either be a cowl and fingerless gloves, a hat and fingerless gloves or a scarf. It is so scrumptiously soft that I really want it around my neck. I'm searching through patterns in hopes of finding something that beckons to be made with this bit of loveliness.

I also wanted to post some updated pictures on the babies. They are changing so much! The first picture is of a blue (he's starting to get some ticking so I'll be watching that) German hybrid buck and a chinchilla German hybrid doe. I believe I'll be selling both of these guys. I would love to keep the buck because of his color but I have limited space. My little girl is quite smitten with the chinchilla and has dubbed her "Emma".

chinchilla doe is on the bottom with the blue buck being on top

The next picture is of the lilac doe that I plan on keeping. She has some ticking coming through and is becoming more and more lovely. The other bun is "Emma". Emma was the runt and is on the smaller side but is ever so sweet and will make a lovely pet/wooler for someone. The buns that have been pictured above are all 55 1/2% German with the remaining being divided between French and Giant. Their Dad is massive. He is chinchilla (color) with fiber that is very dense and ever so lush. Their mother has taken on the size of a French with incredibly soft fiber. She has lynx, red, chocolate, fawn and black in her lines. This is her first litter and all 5 of the kits she gave me were different. The other 2 were chocolate and rew.

Sonoma's litter is growing and changing ever so quickly too. They are 19 days today and developing all different personalities. She has given me 3 blacks (1 with a small white blaze), 3 chestnuts and a rew. Most of them will be for sale also. They are 50% Giant, 25% French and 25% German. I'll be watching them with hopes of showing a couple as a French in ARBA shows next year. The does sire won at Nationals a few years back and she has the same body as her Dad. I'm hoping some of these babes end up with the same body type...just a little larger.

chestnut agouti from Sonoma

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