Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The billionth first day of the rest of my life

Yep. I really don't know how many times I've said it and how many times I've attempted it but today has to be it. Today must be the start of new, healthy habits. I must remember what produce is. I must begin to enjoy said produce. I have been on a train wreck of a binge lately. I don't know why. All I've wanted is stuff that's not good for me. The sad thing is that when I've eaten healthfully in the past and lost the initial weight I enjoyed it. So many yummy foods! I don't know why I quit. I'm up about 25 from my lowest on my weight loss journey. So, while I don't want this to be just another weight loss blog, weight loss is a part of my life...or it should be and will be once again.

My method of loosing the weight? I choose South Beach. I know, I know. I can hear it now. "It's so restrictive." It is very restrictive during the first 2 weeks. No sweets, no fruit, no grains, no sweet veggies. I need it though. I need to purge the desire for sugar from my body. Yes, fruits and even grains do trigger it for me. Grains are the worst culprit. I know I need them and I'll have them but not until the 21st or so.

To add to the whole change how I eat thing, I joined some of the gals in an endeavour to run a 5k in a mere month. I used to be able to do it. I had myself up to 5 miles in 60 minutes. Now...not so much.

So, here's to weighing a little less next Wednesday.


  1. you know what works for you - that's the hardest part sometimes! :)

    i look forward to running along side you :)

  2. Hi Tami! Good to see you back again! You can do it, you got there once and you can do it again.

    Every person has to do what works for stay positive about your choices and the results will show.

    Have a great week!

  3. Training for a 5K has been my saving grace. It is absolutely amazing how great running is for weight loss.
    You can do it! I'm glad you're here!