Monday, June 1, 2009

A recently planted hydrangea. My first and am I ever in love.

Life seems to be staying steadily busy around these parts. Here in the northwest, spring/summer has finally seemed to make is appearance. Not a "Hi, you want a tease?" but rather a "My have I missed you sun lovers in WA. I believe it's time I spent some quality time with you." We, needless to say, have been soaking in the warmth.

I thought I'd share some pictures of current works in progress and yummy yarn that I picked up on Friday. First I have a picture of the current quilt I'm working on. This is "Granny's Jam Lap Quilt" from Laps From Fats . It's a simple quilt and so far I'm enjoying piecing it together.
Look at this yarn. It is so yummy. Soft and squishy. I do think the color is wrong though. ;-) While it is called Wild Cherry I believe it should be Sugar Pea. Don't the bonnets (sugar pea flowers) perfectly match the yarn?

This burst of sunshine is new to me yarn. This is Pagewood Farm Yukon and consists of merino, bamboo and nylon. I have never worked with yarn that contains bamboo and honestly it is one of the big attractions for me. Of course the bright yellows lend a hand.
Lastly, I leave you with a picture of a sock waiting on his mate. This is School Sock from Anne Hanson. I heart Anne's socks! I heart Anne. She has so many wonderful designs (not limited to socks) and is wonderful to work with when you have a question. The heel has been turned on the second sock so soon (hopefully) my husband will have a new pair of socks and I can finally begin a pair for myself. I'm still at a loss as to which yarn I'll begin with...yellow, wild cherry, yellow, wild cherry.
Oh yeah, the count down has begun. In August I will be loading the kids up and taking a cross country trip back home. I love driving cross country. Prefer it to flying. My husband on the other hand dislikes the time spent in the car. Too much time wasted...he enjoys the sights but also enjoys the extra time spent somewhere. The kids and I have a week scheduled in a rustic cabin. I do believe there will be evenings spent in the screened porch sipping sweet tea, and watching the lightening bugs (I hope there will still be some around...August is a bit too warm for a good show) while knitting and/or spinning.

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  1. Lots to do, eh? Love the yarn colors and your hydrangea is gorgeous! Mine isn't in bloom yet (sighing)... but ya ought to see my rhodies! WOW!