Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Weekend fun...for some

Our weekend was full...starting Friday afternoon. The Mr. has been taking a couple days off from work for a couple weeks (hunting season) and Friday he came home from a cold wet hunt around lunch. We loaded up and headed to a favorite island to pick out pumpkins. Unfortunately we have had a few freezes here so most of the pumpkins were rotten.

By this point in time my dirt digging, worm loving little girly girl (she really is on both ends of the spectrum) was saying, "Mommy, I don't like this place. It's muddy." Yep, it was extremely muddy and when we got back to the truck I learned that her rubber boots were not keeping the cold mud out. Poor girl.

Saturday consisted of taking the kiddos to lunch with a girlfriend and then taking them to a movie.

Sunday was a day at church. The church we attend has Sunday school at 9:30, service at 10:30 and then the evening service is actually in the afternoon at 2. 2x a month we have lunch at the church and the rest of the weeks we can bring our own lunch or go to lunch. Yesterday we enjoyed company at Denny's.

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