Friday, April 2, 2010


The self proclaimed queen of the hen house

We love eggs in this house. Well...all but one of us and since we don't buy meat from the grocer we eat a lot of eggs. I mentioned in the last post that I had chicks. The first 4 quickly turned into 10. Who knows how that happened. By Saturday morning I had 10 chicks and 2 laying hens. By this last Wednesday I had 10 chicks and 4 laying hens. Yowzer. The hens are pleasant thus far. No, all 14 will not be kept. I will most likely go down to ??? At first I said 8 then I said 5 then I think 6 then...well... We live in the city and on our lot can have up to 8. Do we need 8 for our own use? No. I think 5 will sustain us well. I have a secret though. They're kind of addicted. Now I need to figure out how to quit spending $$ so I can save and have my little chunk of land again.

This girl is stunning when the sun hits her feathers

This girl was a bit tattered but after a week she is looking so good the little black one behind is so very shy

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  1. I can relate!! Chickens are addicting! :) We were going to get 6 new chicks this spring. That turned into 9 chicks and 2 turkeys!