Monday, August 29, 2011

New school space

School officially began last week in our house.  I really dislike the way it sounds; "school officially began...".  We school all the time however during our "off" time we are more relaxed.  For Kindergarten we used My Father's World and I couldn't have been happier with it.  Truly it was gentle, fun, and engaging.  Our son who struggled with "structured" learning blossomed over the last year with MFW.  Jeff and I decided (well, he generally leaves it to me) to stay with the curriculum again this year.  I am excited about everything we  have planned over the next 10 months. 

Speaking of excitement! The kids and I have a newly dedicated school area. Our house is small by American standards.  Very small.  When we visited a friend's house which was over 2000 sq ft Emma was amazed at the size and declared it a mansion.  Our home is a three bedroom and while the kids are boy/girl, they have always been together.  They are not yet ready to separate.  We had a fun area dedicated to all of our school and craft goodies in the living room but our craft/school/book collection is growing.  The 3rd bedroom has thus been dubbed the "school room".  I'll leave you with pictures of our school area.  
Excuse the mess behind the guitar.  It is all of my sewing stuff that will soon have a new home about the sewing machine which was moved to our bedroom in order to make this schooling area possible.  The rocking chairs have both been kept warm.  They are our quiet areas.

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