Saturday, September 10, 2011

MFW Highlights week 3

While it is week 3 for MFW highlights, it is only our 2nd week participating.  This week completely did not go as scheduled.  We're perfectly okay with it too.  Life is what it is.  My Dad passed away and as a family we spent time together in the woods near the base of Mt. Rainier.  We managed 2 days of "structured" schooling.  The rest of our time was spent hiking and exploring.  Thoroughly taking in all of God's wonders.  While I have no pictures of our "structured" schooling, I do have many pictures of us just being and exploring the natural world.  We nearly caught a Northern Alligator lizard, now have 3 woolly bears taking up residence on the dining table, captured frogs near Reflection Lake, caught a Western Toad at the river where we soaked in the Cascade Mountains, had a large boring beetle climb a leg, nearly caught a garter snake, drank the colors of alpine and sub-alpine meadows, was up close and personal with marmots, and took in both the north and south side of Mt. Rainier. 

Head on over and visit 2 ladybugs and a lizard to MFW Highlights.


  1. so sorry for your loss. what a beautiful place to rest and explore nature.. peace to your family.

  2. Your photos are priceless.... you need to enjoy the wonders of the Lord's Creation during this hard time.

  3. Your pictures are beautiful.......and my sympathy for your loss.