Wednesday, May 5, 2010


1 Timothy 6:7,8
For we have brought nothing into this world and so we can not take a single thing out either. But if we have food and shelter, we will be satisfied with that.

At this moment in time, and I hope forever more, this is where I am. Content. Big changes in our lives may or may not shortly take place but I have complete peace. Thankful for the blessings of food and shelter whatever may come.


  1. You have a beautiful blog, and an adorable daughter. Caught you on MJF. Glad to meet Tami.


  2. Thank you Marlyn. I'm blessed to have Em. She's truly a special girl with a heart after her Momma's. At 4 I do believe she has become our resident duster (good for me because I dislike dusting).

  3. I made a huge change this summer when we moved from Ohio to Texas. I pray every day to "bloom where I am planted". It has been very hard on me.

    I found your blog at MaryJane's Farm connection. I am glad to find it and I am now following it.

    God Bless

  4. Thank you for your words Amy. Life and my attitude is definitely a work in progress. I suppose I hope to always be like that.
    May God bless you and show you how you might bloom where you are.