Monday, May 17, 2010

Less is more

Kerri at Living Large in Our Little House posed a question. Paraphrased, she asks if society (with it's consumerism) robs people of the euphoria of contentment.

Here's my response:

I absolutely believe that societal pressures have robbed people of
contentment. The ball seems to have really started rolling after
WWII. Recently I was touring Cade's Cove (Smokey Mountains) with my little
ones. I was immediately humbled by the size of homes that families lived
in. We've been living in a 1200sq ft house for 2 1/2 yrs and then 2 yrs
prior to that. It's always been more than enough for us and yet I've
caught myself in the "well, when they get bigger I'll have to separate them (boy
and girl) and then what do I do? Just one more small area would be
nice." I had convinced myself that I was not like "them".
Consumers. I'd compare myself and our home to the mass size of
others. In the world of today 1200 sq ft is small. In days gone by
it would be quite comfortable. I've changed my thinking. It's all a
matter of being completely content and thankful for that which I do have.
For realizing the happiness, euphoria, contentment doesn't come in the amount of
stuff I have, the size of the stuff I have or the price of the stuff I
have. It comes in the thankfulness for the blessings of what I have.
Thankful that I'm blessed to have a roof over my children's head. Thankful
that I have an abundance of food. Thankful for the beauty of nature that
is shared with me. With all of this, I find contentment. I let out a
big, cozy sigh.

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  1. Our home is 1256 square feet. We have two boys, who shared the same room for 20 years. They now have separate rooms, although I had to give up my sewing room.