Monday, September 13, 2010

Cedar lined closets

She's here!!! Oh my loveliness! Mr. Postman handed me the box just a little while ago. My poor kids thought it was something better than a spindle. My heart raced while opening the package. Within it was a treasure that I had custom ordered. A Victorian Lace Spindle done in Cedar. I am aware of the toxicity of cedar and some people's sensitivities to it but to the Mister and I, nothing smells as wonderful as cedar. Oh, she is gorgeous. Mike did a wonderful job and boy oh boy was he fast. :-) Right now the spindle is set beside me and I keep sliding her back and forth near my nose. I'm going to sit down and begin playing with her all the while I dream of cedar lined closets and chest filled with hand knit sweater and quilts.

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