Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Fiber Fest

This past weekend our family was apart. Daddy took the kiddos camping and I headed to OFFF Saturday morning. Giddy Up! Last year I went with rabbits to sell but this year I was a consumer. A gauker. A budget was set and stuck to. I determined that I wasn't going to buy pretty braids of painted roving this year but instead went with a list of potential future sheep. We've had Romney in the past and while they were gentle sheep, I've been studying other sheep. The guy who's picture is above is a CVM / Romeldale. After spending TONS of time talking with breeders/ranchers of these mellow sheep I think I'm pretty well set that they will be the sheep in our future.

Hopefully a couple alpacas will be in our future too. I don't want to breed Alpaca...just have a couple for my own personal spinning use.

This is the "loot" I came home with. Really it's not much. The black fiber at the top of the picture is Gotland. It's a rather new breed in America and I was curious. It has an open crimp so is more like curly locks. Dark brown stuff on the right hand side is Romeldale / CVM, the stuff at the bottom is my splurge. 50/50 yak/merino. Oh.my.softness! It will be saved for a later date. The fiber on the left hand side is romeldale/CVM from a different farm. Told you, I'm in love. :-) All in all it was a nice weekend but the silence gave me a lot of time to think. I realized just how much I need my family and caused me to appreciate so much more the blessings God has given me. At times I feel like throwing my hands in the air. Child rearing is so frustrating...and ever so worth it. Because of my children, I am learning how to love unconditionally just as they do. I miss them and the Mister terribly when they are not near me.
Last but not least we have a new "pet" erm...science study living on the coffee table. You can't see it in the picture but there is a caterpillar hidden in the leaves. My little Em was beside herself with excitement over a "live surprise" she had for me. Through a little research on my part I've become certain that it will (hopefully) emerge as a moth in the spring. It has given me a perfect opportunity to add more "school" to our day. The best part of the whole thing? The excitement and interest the kids have. I love that the kids have a zeal towards nature. This has also provided me with the opportunity for us to put together our first lapbook. Yippee!! Oh...dirt has been added since this picture was taken since several moths go into chrysalis in the ground.

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  1. Look at you go! Science in the living room! <2 it... <3 you!