Monday, December 13, 2010

Summer dreaming

I've been couped up the last couple of days with a sickness. It leaves me overwhelmingly tired. Washing dishes is a bit more than I care to do at the moment. With that said, I've put the spinning and knitting aside and began dreaming of something simple. Something simple, useful and for a member of my family. A crocheted blanket is just what this Momma had in mind. We hope to have our '76 Serro Scotty in working order by next summer. We have such high hopes that a space at the ocean has been reserved. Wouldn't a blanket for each member of the family be in order? A blanket specifically for camping? I thought so anyways. Problem. We're trying to be wise and frugal with the $$. Solution. I started a blanket earlier in the year and while I adore the pattern, there was too much white and it was super wide. All I needed to do was frog the blanket. The picture above is of the new blanket that has been started. The little Miss is very excited for it to be finished. I don't think she's understanding that this blanket will rest in the "trailer box" until the day we take our maiden voyage. Next up? A blanket for my little guy (who I'd like to think of as little although I'm constantly reminded that he is almost 6 which enlists him into the big boy category) but first the need to finish spinning wool so it canned be turned into a warm sweater for the little/big guy for Christmas.

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