Monday, December 6, 2010

Tonight I sit in my chair feeling convicted and fighting the tears. I look around me and see so much...stuff. I see a corner of the living room that is dedicated to the kids. The entire corner is made up of almost all new items (purchased within the last few months). Some "essential" and other bits "extra". I see a beautiful tree covered in lights and while we lack ornaments, we still have a tree. The kids are watching a movie. A quick scan shows nutcrackers adorning the mantle, 2 buildings with a couple trees taking space on the buffet (the start of a village), snowmen covering the piano. Yesterday afternoon we filled our bellies with burritos courtesy of a local joint. Despite feeling warm and tucked in I have a sense of sadness. We have SO much. We have so much and yet friends of ours are struggling. They have been full of grace and hopeful during the ordeal of looking for a job. Tonight they were served another blow. A position he was interviewing for is no longer open. He didn't interview until next week.
Christmas is coming and I keep thinking about what I want to make for the kids. If a moment is taken to be truthful, making things can often times be just as grandiose as buying things. The mister and I have always wanted to have simple Christmases and we've managed to so far. The plans this year would still be considered simple by some but by others, like our friends who are struggling, our Christmas would be flamboyant. No, they'd never say it but for the price of what we'll pay for lumber and hardware, they could feed themselves for a couple weeks. Where does it leave me? Rethinking Christmas and our spending. E's hand spun, hand knit sweater is just about done and then I can begin working on J's. What more do they really need? Maybe a trip to the book area of Goodwill is in order?

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