Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Snow Days

We finally managed some snow. Shimmering powder. Being born and raised in WA I am used to the icky wet stuff. While it lends itself nicely for the making of jolly snowmen, it's plain ole' wet. The 6" we had last week was like powdered sugar. Ruby Mae was the only hen brave enough to "wet her feet" so to speak. The rest of the hens refused to leave the chicken coop...that is until a path was cleared for them with a snow shovel. The things some people do for their animals. ;-)

Speaking of animals. I have no idea how many times I walked past this fleece and never noticed the dog. He knew where to go to find warmth.

Despite freezing temps, snow, and now rain, I have been spending time pounding out garden details. This is the first year that I'm attempting to keep records of our vegetable gardens. Generally I plant with only the awareness of x shouldn't go next to y because it will cast too much shade. This year, gasp, the garden beds are actually drawn out. Seriously! Once planting time begins, I'll be able to go out to different beds (hopefully 10 in all) and plant. I decided that for maximum yield, it was high time that I keep records, amend the soil according to what has grown in particular areas, ensure that I don't replant something in a place where it was grown the season before and monitor the amount of sun and average temp of each bed. Speaking of gardening, I do believe it's time to get my broccoli seeds planted and hope that I'll have many transplants in the next 4-6 weeks.

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