Friday, January 3, 2014


For a few years the "word of the year" has gone around.  Having a "word" to focus on during the course of the year has caused me to ponder.  A lot.  Like ponder for 3 years.  It's not that it has taken me 3 years to think of an area in my life that I'd like to improve. 

This year I would like to be deliberate. 

The first place I go is to the dictionary (and then the thesaurus because I always loved the word "thesaurus") to begin studying a word or concept. gives these definitions:
               carefully weighed or considered; studied; intentional
               characterized by deliberation; careful or slow in deciding
               to think carefully or attentively; reflect
          syn: purposeful

Purposeful!  I love it.  In so much that I do, I just do it.   I am a rushed kind of person.  Procrastinator extraordinaire. 
This year I would like to become more deliberate in all that I do.  Areas that will get specific attention are:
     Bible study
     how I use my time
     what I feed my family
     what I do with my body
     what I teach my children
     what I volunteer for
     what I spend moola on
     spend more time with our church family

Since having a baby this last year time in the Word has really gone to the wayside.  I can not begin to express the sadness/shame that I feel about this.  What we eat has also become somewhat laughable.  I am VERY quick to grab takeout.  I would like to focus on what I put into my families mouths.  We need to nourish the body not just get calories in.
It has been a couple of years since I last blogged.  Sad.   This year the blog will become my journal again.  A place to check in.  A place to keep an account of our lives.
I saw a quote on Facebook that said, "Tomorrow is the first blank page of a 365 page book.  Write a good one."  Love it.  We are a few days into this new year.  The first couple of pages were filled with the flu and all things that go with it.  Day 3.  A new day.  A beautiful day.  The beginning of a deliberate/purposeful day and year. 

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  1. This is good stuff, Tami! I ready to follow along with you. This was the first year I accepted a 'word' and it is "thrive" and oh, how I've not taken it by the reigns yet!