Monday, March 15, 2010


I've always been disgusted with the binding job I do on the quilts. I may be perfectly
happy with the quilt itself but somehow the binding has been...less than satisfactory. I am SO glad that I decided to join the Road to Spring quilt along (button on my sidebar) because I finally got it! I saw what binding was supposed to look like and how to go about doing it. Sure it takes time but there is nothing like recovering on the couch from food sickness with a husband waiting hand and foot on you all the while staying warm from the quilt your are binding. In the end you have a special bond with the quilt. A little more love was stitched into it. I do believe binding is now my favorite step rather than dreaded. I'll be sad to leave this quilt behind but will have a fondness for it knowing that it was my "first". It is the one that finally has it all (I'm ignoring the bad stitching length on the quilting bit and telling myself it will look much better once washed and crinkled a bit).


  1. The quilt is coming out great! Honestly, that binding was a new technique to me too. I had seen some other tutorials and it looked like a great way to have a clean, crisp edge on the quilt. So glad it worked :)


  2. Thanks Randi. The quilt is done, has been washed and is waiting for me to snuggle under it. I wonder if I could take another sick day??? Not. Thanks for putting this tutorital on and for having the fabric I lusted after for so long. I love the retro feel.