Friday, March 19, 2010

She's a keeper

On Wednesday evening, late evening...oh say 9pmish Emma engages me in a little conversation. I was sitting at the sewing machine fixing up a dress. It's one of those that is mostly done at the fabric store where all I have to do is sew it closed, hem it and add straps or sleeves. She's decided it's her Strawberry Shortcake dress. At any rate, our conversation goes something like this:

Em: "Mommy? Are you a good Mommy?"
Me: "I don't know Emma. What do you think?"
Em: "Yeah, you're a good Mommy. You make me happy and excited."

At that moment I stopped sewing, gave her a peck realizing that my heart had just melted yet again and decided that she was most definitely a keeper.

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