Monday, January 18, 2010

From 17 to 2

So rabbits are one of those things. You work on them, you buy them, you love them, they're the right rabbit for your rabbitry and then...something happens and the bun is just not exactly what you were wanting or something wonderful happens and some of the ones that were "right" created something even more "right". 17 rabbits have come and gone or been born and left my little "rabbitry" in the last year. It really isn't a rabbitry but I don't know what else to call it. Heaven help me if I chalk it up as another hobby is. Last year I saved one buck from a friends butchering block because I saw some potential in him. I also had my husband drive 3 1/2 hrs with me to pick up a doe that I had never laid eyes on. Both of those rabbits have had their days and are now gone BUT they left me with 2 buns I can't seem to part with. These 2 are amazing.

Little John - 16 weeks and anything but little
blue buck

Lady Emmaline - a beautiful lilac doe

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