Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Spring Fever

While strolling through a quaint nearby downtown Little Miss and I noticed hyacinths and the crocus starting to poke their arms out of the ground. Upon arriving home I noticed that the maple in our back yard and the plum blossoms that line our street are starting to push out their little nods. Today it's supposed to be 47 and rainy but God had something else planned and is delighting us with a slightly(very) overcast sky and a warm 59 degrees. The doors and windows are wide open and we're drinking it all in. Too bad I have to sit down at the sewing table. Sunday's birthday is quickly approaching and I haven't even begun the birthday quilt.
Today's warmth and this picture taken in April or May of last year has me itching for the red's and pink's of February and spring. It has this girl day dreaming of days past in Tennessee. It has this girl ready to make plans to load up the kids in April point the truck in a Southeastern direction in hopes of reaching our home in the Cumberland Mountains, a visit to the Smokies awakening in the spring, missed friends and a new baby who's just about to celebrate a first birthday.

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