Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Joy of Joy's!

Be still my heart! 4 years ago when we lived in our house on the hill I gathered with other ladies for spinning. When we moved to TN (4 yrs ago) I looked for a knitting or spinning group and found a few but they were all during the day. Day time groups don't work for those of us with littles at home. When we moved back to WA I had hoped for a group but the only ones I found were also during the day. I've attempted a couple times in the past to start a group but it never pans out because everyone seems to want a different day and different time. Today, be still my heart, I came across a fellow rabbit breeder (okay so she's I'm small fry and just a rabbit pet owner compared to her) and found out that she began a spinning/fiber arts group in November and wait for it...6:30 in the evening!! Hot Dog!!!! Yes, I will once again know the company of fiber arts women!

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